College students like Anna Joubert appreciate the opportunity to make a difference for the generation that follows them. While a student at Texas A&M University, Ms. Joubert participated in a program called “Help One Student to Succeed” (HOSTS) at Mary Branch Elementary in Bryan, Texas. The program, overseen by certified teachers, pairs volunteer mentors like Anna Joubert with elementary school students to provide them with extra help in difficult subjects, especially reading and math.

Other volunteers, including business professionals, are learning by example from students like Ms. Joubert and committing time to HOSTS. In fact, many company leaders who appreciate the benefits of volunteerism furnish interns and employees with “free” time so they may participate in the program.

Aside from Mary Branch Elementary, other participating Texas schools include the Bonham, Fannin, Navarro, Neal, and Jane Long campuses. To find out more about the program, visit the Bryan Independent School District website at and go to the “Community Involvement” page.